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AVS Audio Editor
What is AVS Audio Editor? AVS Audio Editor is multifunctional audio editing software. It allows users to cut, trim, join and delete parts of their audio files. The software enables users to save files in all key audio formats like WMA, AAC, MP2, OGG and many others. AVS Audio Editor is much more than a regular audio editor since it enables users to edit and extract audio from video files and save them in their PC or any other external hardware. The software supports multiple languages from around the globe. It also helps users create original ringtones for their iPhones by saving the edited audio files in M4R format for iOS. It has 20 built-in effects and filters like flanger, chorus, delay, reverb and many more, enabling users to avoid audio mixing mistake and blend several audio files with ease. How efficient is the Text-to-Speech feature of AVS Audio Editor? The Text-to-Speech feature of AVS Audio Editor helps users turn any written text into a natural-sounding audio clip with just a single click. The software allows users to save the audio file in any accessible audio format, which they can play on any device. With the editing tools provided by the software, users can change the speed of the speech rate. They can even change the pitch of the audio file in case it is required. Pricing of AVS Audio Editor AVS Audio Editor is available in two pricing options - Rs. 2974.14/- for 1-year access subscription. Rs. 4499.34/- for unlimited subscription. You can request a callback if you are willing to invest in this software. Our product experts will get back to you. Latest Version of AVS Audio Editor The latest version of AVS Audio Editor is Some of its unique features are - Batch Editing- Users can use batch editing select effects and apply them on multiple audio files. Key Formats- Users can edit and save audios in MP3, PCM, Flac, OGG and other key formats. Record- The software allows users to record audio from any input, record them and save them as separate audio files. Favourite Panel- The latest version of the software allows users to create their own favourites panel, where they can add the most frequently used or their favourite features. Compatible Platforms of AVS Audio Editor The AVS Audio Editor can only be used in Windows 7, 8 and 10 versions. It is not compatible with any versions of MacOS. Alternatives of AVS Audio Editor In case, you are not fully satisfied with the features of AVS Audio Editor, you can try LMMS Audio Editor, Audacity, GarageBand, Logic Pro X and Ardour. What are the benefits of using AVS Audio Editor Supports Multiple audio formats- AVS Audio Editor supports multiple audio formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A, WMA and many more. This enables users to edit audios without being worried about the format. Special Filters- It has specifically designed filters that can be used to remove unwanted sounds like hissing, roaring, crackling or any other disturbance. User Friendly- Users can edit and save recorded audio files at any time and they can also convert them into any key audio format as per their needs. Audiobooks- The software allows you to create audiobooks. You simply need to convert the audio tracks into M4B format. It lets you divide the audio files into separate chapters and add bookmarks to them. AVS Audio Editor is multifunctional audio editing software. It allows users to cut, trim, join and delete parts of thei... Read More About AVS Audio Editor
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Last Updated on : 17 Jun, 2021