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What is MyOperator? MyOperator is one of the best call center software for businesses of all sizes in India. This solution is trusted by the vast number of business operators that require a fully functional call center. This call center software enables a user to conduct and track a large volume of calls in real-time. The software is capable of automatically allotting calls to the call operators in real-time. It checks for the operators who are free every time a customer calls. MyOperator enables organizations to integrate it with their ongoing APIs. It facilitates seamless data sharing with CRMs for effortless sales work. This software generates push reports through SMS and Emails to keep the operational information at the manager and call the operator’s fingertips. For real-time monitoring, managers can use the live dashboard. What features does MyOperator offer? MyOperator offers the following features: Virtual number Toll-free number Vanity numbers Call recorder Call tracker Push notification reports Live dashboard Live call info Performance reports Multi-level IVR After hours call routing Real-time transfer How does MyOperator work? MyOperator call center software operates in four steps: Customer Call: Caller/potential customer dials the centralized business phone number. Call Handling: MyOperator plays the recorded IVR message and asks caller to select extension or department. Call Forwarding: The call gets transferred to the considered department or agent. Meanwhile, MyOperator system is tracking and recording the call and its status. After Call: Callers can review the calling experience. Managers will get the call reports. The price of MyOperator MyOperator is available in four different plans; they are: Building Business – Rs. 1500/- per month Growing Business – Rs. 3000/- per month Big Business – Rs. 5000/- per month Enterprise – Please request for price For further information regarding this call center management software, please request a call. Our sales team will contact you at the earliest. MyOperator is one of the best call center software for businesses of all sizes in India. This solution is trusted by th... Read More About MyOperator
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Last Updated on : 17 Jun, 2021