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Mithi Vaultastic
Vaultastic is the easiest - most secure cloud email archiving solution yet! It backup email sent using Office 365, Google Apps for Work (Now G Suite), Exchange (on-prem & cloud) and other email solutions. Vaultastic helps your business with all eDiscovery, Compliance and Business Continuity needs. All your email data is securely stored in AWS data centers ensuring 99.99999999999% data durability and protection against service outage, data loss or corruption. Also in the process, providing an alternate site for backing up your critical data. Product Features: Most Secure: 100% security and privacy guaranteed 99.99999999999% Data Durability: Your emails are backed up on AWS cloud storage with multi-layered security making it one of safest email vaults out there 99.9%+ Availability: Designed for high uptime, no single point of failure unlike an appliance Unlimited Storage: No storage based plans or limits. Simple retention based plans with unlimited storage Tamper Proof: Vaultastic is safe from accidental or malicious deletion of mail and user accounts In-line Email Archiving: Mails are archived before they are delivered to the user's inbox, guaranteeing all the mails exchanged are always archived Compatible: Works seamlessly with Office 365, Google Apps for Work (Now G Suite), Exchange (on-prem & cloud) and other email solutions Self Service Portal: Empower your users by giving them access to their own archive accounts to search and export mail on their own No Infrastructure: Requires No Infrastructure, Storage or Manpower provisioning Always the Latest: Automatic software updates on the cloud platform eDiscovery, Manage or Search: This feature allows you to search through all mails sent and received. The user can also download, print, forward or reply to any mail from their email archiving accounts Restore Mails or Mailboxes: This solution enables mail recovery that you may have lost from the primary account or you can also restore the entire mailbox Achieve Regulatory Compliance: No end user or admin can accidentally or deliberately delete any mail from the email vault. This solution provides you secured and read-only encrypted store that is only accessible to authorised users only through the Vaultastic app Business Continuity: An email archiving service allows users to access their archived mails via a self-service portal. The feature also acts as a disaster recovery site that provides you with alternate access to archived mail store Data Backup: This solution helps backup all your data for future references, as well as required for regulation compliance. All the mails get indexed and can be easily found and retrieved Data Durability: The stored data on cloud storage helps the user to achieve basic requirements of data security, durability and reliability. Vaultastic is the easiest - most secure cloud email archiving solution yet! It backup email sent using Office 365, Goo... Read More About Mithi Vaultastic
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Mithi SkyConnect
What is Mithi SkyConnect? Mithi SkyConnect is an email collaboration suite for your business that is based on AWS Cloud. It is specifically designed to provide scalable, secure, reliable and real-time collaboration for businesses over its multiple communication channels. It helps over 5 lakh business users in India as well as abroad. This collaboration software is helpful in cutting down on the costs of the business, reducing the number of meetings and the travel time associated with it, thereby, improving the responsiveness and reception of enterprises. Apart from providing a secure enterprise email and calendaring, the software also has a chat/IM app for communication with clients and customers. It also comes with a video conferencing and screen sharing app that runs on the browser. You can access the software from mobile devices, desktop apps and popular browsers for smooth adoption in any business. How does Mithi SkyConnect Software Ensure High Performance? The software stores all the data and email in a highly durable and elastic cloud platform, thereby ensuring there are no instances of outages. It also makes sure the software recovers quickly from any glitches to maintain business continuity. The software being highly elastic and auto-scalable, it guarantees that its services can cater to millions of requests at the same time without any lag. Mithi SkyConnect provides virtually unlimited storage and large mailboxes for your business to cope with the heavy mail flow. The software provides adaptive mail routing and guaranteed delivery that ensures the mail is sent to the intended recipients. It makes sure there isn’t any spam and the mail meets all the marketing compliances. How does Mithi SkyConnect Software Ensure High Data Security? As email marketing is becoming the top priority in today’s world for all businesses, the chances of mail breaching are also increasing via Spam, Ransomware, etc. It is found that 88% of businesses have experienced data loss. To tide over this critical issue of system security concerns, Mithi SkyConnect provides a ready solution to protect your business mails. The software also provides compatibility with both mobile and desktop apps for managing contacts, emails, messaging and calendaring. The software allows banks and financial agencies, who are its prime users, to locate the history of electronic communication instantly. You can also produce it as per the requirements of customers in the form of acceptable electronic evidence. This makes sure there is transparency in every form of transaction and complaint management. Pricing of Mithi SkyConnect There are two pricing plans available for the software. These are: Cloud Email Service: This plan starts from Rs. 71/- per month for a user. Cumulative Cloud Storage: The value of the plan starts from Rs. 5/- per GB for a month. What Dexterity does Mithi SkyConnect Offer? Mithi SkyConnect has an open architecture that allows an easy extension of the system. It is based on a premise where the ownership of the data lies with the customer. The tools and processes of the software are specifically designed for preventing any form of vendor lock-in. You can extract data only on the demand of customers. The software provides cost optimization, which helps to drive maximum profit without spending much. Its unique features help in smart management of your business. Mithi SkyConnect is an email collaboration suite for your business that is based on AWS Cloud. It is specifically desig... Read More About Mithi SkyConnect
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Last Updated on : 16 Jun, 2021