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What is Lystloc? Lystloc is one of the best employee monitoring software that enables companies to perform location intelligence and analytics through a SaaS-based solution. The software is widely used by companies to manage the workflow of field support teams, sales teams, and office employees management. It maintains a comprehensive list of all the tasks that are required to be done on a regular basis and automatically reports it to the manager upon completion. Lystloc employee monitoring solution is created to boost the output of support teams in real-time. Further, companies can track their employee’s locations from anywhere in real-time. Lystloc is the top employee monitoring solution measures and quantifies the work that has to be done and consequently enables employees to take up tasks on priority. It uses an innovative step by step approach to improving employee’s skills in sales management. How Lystloc works? Lystloc employee monitoring software works in four basic steps, these are: Sign Up: Companies purchase the package based on their business needs and register all their employees on it. Workforce Setup: All the employees are provided a self-service portal filled with details such as vehicle information, location details, etc. Mobile App: Employees can access their self-service portal through Lystloc mobile application. They can check-in and check-out at the office timing stated and mark their appointments on-field. Tracking: Once all the above-mentioned steps are completed, Managers can easily track their employees through their self-service mobile app or desktop in real-time. What features does Lystloc offer? Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Lystloc: Attendance Management Biometric integration Employee mapping User tracking Workflow timeline Meeting notes Reports Dashboard What is the price of Lystloc? Lystloc is available in four different plans, they are: Free Standard Plan – Rs. 249/- per month per employee Standard Plan – Rs. 199/- per month per employee (billed annually) Enterprise Plan – Request for the price quote Lystloc is one of the best employee monitoring software that enables companies to perform location intelligence and ana... Read More About Lystloc
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Last Updated on : 21 Jun, 2021