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What is Lifesize? Lifesize is an best video conferencing software for everyday meetings and corporate video conferences. The software features a wide variety of tools and services, enabling its users to showcase their business ideas to the clients in the best possible way. Further, all the video conferences hosted via Lifestyle are fully encrypted. Users also get to manage their own encryption keys. Lifesize offers its facilities across more than 60 countries all around the globe. Moreover, users can record their hosted conferences over the cloud or share them for further use as well. How is real-time reporting and statistics offered by Lifesize useful? Real-time reporting and statistics features of the software enable its users to get insights into: Usage and Requirement Tracker: Users get to allocate all the network-related resources and manage their video conferences with clients and teammates efficiently. Detailed reports offered by the software allow them to keep track of the performance of video, audio and content shared by them. They also get to know the exact location and device used by their clients in real-time. Premier Meeting Experience: With Lifesize active reports, users can monitor the quality of their video calls at regular intervals. The software ensures that your clients clients and teammates get access to high-definition, uninterrupted video calling experience. Advanced Troubleshooter: Intuitive reports offered by the video conferencing software allow its users to diagnose and respond to technical issues in real-time. Pricing of Lifesize Video Conferencing Software 3Lifesize is available as per the following pricing plans: Mini Bundle: ₹1120 per month for one user. Small Bundle: ₹1330 per month for one user. Medium Bundle: ₹1610 per month for one user. To know more about Lifesize pricing plans and to buy the software, you can send us a callback request. Compatible Platforms for Lifesize Lifesize is compatible with all Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. What are the benefits of using Lifesize Video Conferencing System? Global Network: Lifesize has its data centers around the globe, enabling users to connect with their local and global clients in a seamless manner. Secured Platform: All the data shared, and web conferences hosted via Lifesize is secured as per the highest data security standards. Thus, ensuring that the data is completely safe and cannot be accessed by third parties. 4K video content: Lifesize features a state-of-the-art cloud architecture that supports high-quality 4K video content and also allows its users to share them over live video conferences. Adaptable: The extensive cloud service architecture of the software helps break monolithic server applications into simple and small microservices. Thus, increasing the resiliency and flexibility of video conferences. Scalable Architecture: Lifesize features a scalable architecture that provides the best conferencing experience without making any changes in the network infrastructure of its users. Firewall/NAT traversal: The comprehensive architecture of the software allows its users to keep their conference room systems and apps with their existing firewall security and manage them using the authenticated servers provided by the software. Lifesize is an best video conferencing software for everyday meetings and corporate video conferences. The software fea... Read More About Lifesize
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