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Fitness NU

Fitness NU

From Gym Management Software

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What is Fitness NU? Fitness NU is a gym management software designed to streamline daily activities at a fitness studio/club. It is designed to fit the requirement of different types of fitness clubs like gym, fitness studio (e.g., CrossFit), martial art gym, etc. Fitness NU also has a multi-branch operation feature that allows users to operate multiple gyms/fitness studios with a single license. In addition to that, it offers multi-user access for gyms to work seamlessly. Fitness NU offers an interactive dashboard that allows gym owners to track their daily operations. It also generates daily and monthly sales reports and helps supervise several other tasks like free trials, inquiries, expenses, and much more. Gym owners can do much more with Fitness NU, as it features provide overarching control over the operations. All the data is available at the fingertips of the user instantly. The software also integrates with biometric devices to synchronize attendance automatically. Plus, users can send system generated SMS to absentees to boost the engagement. What features does Fitness NU offer? Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Fitness NU: Dashboard Free Trial Management Online chat portal for inquiry Biometric Integration Automated Reminder Multi-user Management Membership handling Birthday reminders Expense Management SMS and Email Notification Why choose Fitness NU over other gym management software? Fitness NU offers a fully integrated and secure solution to manage the fitness club. The software allows gym owners to operate their fitness studios from remote locations through online access. Plus, it works to improve members’ engagement by sending them a system-generated text message about their fitness progress. Gym owners can also manage the subscription of their members flexibly to increase membership sales. What is the price of Fitness NU? Fitness NU is available in three plans, these are: Silver – Rs. 5999/- per annum Gold – Rs. 12999/- per annum Platinum – Rs. 16999/- per annum. Fitness NU is a gym management software designed to streamline daily activities at a fitness studio/club. It is design... Read More About Fitness NU
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Last Updated on : 17 Jun, 2021