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Edunext School ERP
What is Edunext School ERP? Edunext is an easy to use school ERP software that helps its users manage various school activities. The software is capable of generating SMS and circulars in multiple languages to facilitate effective communication among parents from different regions. Users can create vacancy requisitions with an option to seek approval from key decision-makers of the organization. It enables its users to print and generate report cards that can be customized in order to suit the requirements of the user. One can also publish report cards online through the mobile app and the website. Website Designing and Promotion The software enables its users to incorporate a dynamic school website that is equipped with proprietary CMS. Users can update the circulars, pages, image gallery, notices, and downloads with the SMM and SEO services provided by the software. Edunext School ERP is integrated with Tally ERP 9 that enables users to manage salary, fee, purchase, sales, and student interest account. Mobile App for School Edunext School ERP software provides its users with personalized school mobile app that allows management, parents, students and teachers to log in. The school mobile app is equipped to provide real-time alerts and information regarding the latest happenings in the school. The software is also integrated with a barcode that enables smooth functioning of libraries to manage the issue or return of books. Pricing of Edunext School ERP The pricing of Edunext School ERP software depends upon your specific needs, as well as the size and type of your organization. Those interested are most welcome to contact us via online chat, email or phone calls to get more personalized quotes. Benefits of using Edunext School ERP There are various benefits of using Edunext School ERP software such as Parents can directly check the performance and activities of their children in the school. The software also enables users to access information regarding bus-in-charge details and conductor and driver details. Students can view and access any news regarding anything which has been posted by the school through the software. One can check the details regarding the status of payment of their fees and also apply for leaves directly through the software. Edunext School ERP software enables teachers to observe and evaluate the performance of each student. The school can determine the progress of individual students based on different prospects. Edunext is an easy to use school ERP software that helps its users manage various school activities. The software is ca... Read More About Edunext School ERP
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The School Manager
What is The School Manager? The School Manager is one of the most popular school management software in the Indian school market! The school Manager offers a wide variety of features and accessibility points for teachers, parents, students, and non-academic management for accessible communication and workflows supervision. Changes in schedules and announcements can be made instantly with the software. It provides 360-degree coverage of educational institute daily works. The School Manager boasts prestigious clientele-ship across India that includes names like Delhi Public School, G.D. Goenka Public School, Adani Public School, Ivy World School Jalandhar, and many others. Work with highly interactive software to boost your output and focus on enriching your school’s services. Features of The School Manager The School Manager offers a variety of features, here are a few listed below for better acquaintance: School ERP: The School Manager offers your school staff with an improved school management software that has over 20 modules for specific activities such as payroll for school staff, attendance, fees collection, mobile & email alerts, lessons planning, Assignment supervision, student admissions, and many more. The School Manager even includes specialized modules for staff recruitment that helps you to hire the best teachers for your school. School Website Design: Promote your school with a fully interactive website; and boost your visibility online. Make all critical announcements for hiring staff and admissions through the website and make your school look exceptionally professional. The School Manager enables you to make changes to your website with no inconveniences. The software gives you full access to your website. Mobile Application: The School Manager gives you access to a mobile app for both Android and iPhone users. The mobile app comes with all the functions that the ERP software offers. It gives teachers access to student profiles, attendance, school calendar, et cetera. It makes work efficient and easy as teachers can work with a smartphone to record essential details. The School Manager mobile app even facilitates conversation between teachers and parents. Price of The School Manager The School Manager price varies on the size of the school and the modules required for the school operations. Please, request a call and our sales team will contact you to resolve all your price-related inquiries. The School Manager is one of the most popular school management software in the Indian school market! The school Manage... Read More About The School Manager
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Last Updated on : 16 Jun, 2021