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What is Creately? Creately is an online drawing software that is used to design flowcharts, wireframes and organizational charts. This designing solution lets users visualize concepts and processes from over a thousand professional templates. It allows seamless integration with teams and clients. Creately is equipped with easy-to-use drawing tools that help in precision control. The software is used to represent the SWOT diagram effectively and is also used to do PEST analysis. Other than its application in the marketing field, this drawing tool finds usage in other fields as well, including HR operations, education, engineering, and others. How Can Users Draw Using Creately? The software comes with professionally designed shapes that speed up the drawing process as there are many options to choose from. Also, the default presets and themes are enough to give an edge to the users’ content. The software offers real-time collaboration on the same document and at the same time. It offers seamless integration with clients that enables one to use pinpointed comments for discussions to arrive at their desired choice. Additionally, it allows users to choose from over a thousand templates from visualization experts to work with the most appropriate one as per their needs. How Efficient are Creately’s Drawing Tools? Creately’s simpler tools allow quick review and redesign and even helps to keep everyone in-sync. Users can manage their website presence and marketing funnel visually. One can capture and communicate research findings by collecting and collaborating data to brainstorm and analyze ideas. Users can communicate the findings using inbuilt visual tools. It allows users to brand and position their organization based on the current market assessment and competition, and improve the brand image if required. There are samples that users can choose from or edit as per their needs to present a lasting impact on the marketing frontier. Pricing of Creately: There are 4 types of pricing plans available for Creately. These are: Confluence: The plan comes at a price of Rs. 6445/- per year. Jira: This plan comes for Rs. 6445/- per year. Online: The Online plan is available for Rs. 3430/- per year. Team Plan: This plan is valued at Rs. 42253/- per year. You can even get customized quotes as per your needs. Please request a callback to get one today. How Useful is Creately for Marketing? Creately creates a high impact on marketing by letting users analyze, plan and execute ideas using visual tools. This free online wireframe tool allows complete clarity and collaboration with their marketing team. It lets users plan their marketing strategies and campaigns efficiently. The application allows one to choose from a number of options such as PEST and SWOT analysis, content marketing workflow, etc. The users can use them to collaborate across functions and chart out a perfect execution plan. Creately is an online drawing software that is used to design flowcharts, wireframes and organizational charts. This de... Read More About Creately
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Last Updated on : 16 Jun, 2021