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What is CleverControl? CleverControl is an employee monitoring software designed for offices to optimize their workforce’s productivity and maintain the data confidentiality. The software provides complete control over employee’s activities on their desktop. This employee monitoring solution provides details about the employee’s web activity and application usage in real-time. The software also provides direct remote access through a web account with no dedicated server support required. CleverControl allows managers to investigate employee’s unlawful actions such as sharing confidential data with the competitors, while simultaneously protecting the office network from any type of information leakage. CleverControl employee monitoring software solution helps boost the overall productivity by detecting slackers and resulting in improved workforce engagement rates. This employee monitoring solution helps more than 6500 customers online every day along with 25000 employees monitored in real-time. Real-time live monitoring with CleverControl CleverControl provides access to all the collected data not only in hindsight but in real-time. Managers/monitoring teams can check employee’s system in live panels and monitor their activity as if they are in front of them. The live panel provides access to up to 16 screens simultaneously and can be configured easily. CleverControl makes it easy to track employees’ activities from time to time without interrupting with their work routine. Live viewing feature of this employee monitoring software also allows users to comprehend the employee behaviour as they approach a task. What are the features offered by CleverControl employee monitoring software? Here are some core features offered by CleverControl: Remote monitoring Live monitoring Web activity Application usage Search engine monitoring Screenshotting Removable storage device monitoring Printing controls Mic Sound recording Webcam video What is CleverControl Pricing? The price of CleverControl varies based on customer requirements. Please request a call for further inquiries. CleverControl is an employee monitoring software designed for offices to optimize their workforce’s productivity and... Read More About CleverControl
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Last Updated on : 21 Jun, 2021