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Ciferon POS

Ciferon POS

From Restaurant Billing Software

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Ciferon POS is a restaurant billing software that helps with daily functioning of an eatery. The software has an easy t... Read More
KOT Management Accounting Expense Register +5 More
Ciferon Delivery App
Ciferon Delivery App helps restaurants, cafes and hotels with fine dining facilities in establishing their online prese... Read More
Premium Design Real-Time Image-based Menu Push Notification +7 More
Captain App
Ciferon Captain App is a restaurant billing app, which allows users to accept orders directly from customers and place... Read More
Quick Order Taking Online and Offline Push Order from table to kitchen directly +6 More
Ciferon KDS
Ciferon KDS is a kitchen display system which helps restaurants get away with the manual order management. The software... Read More
Kitchen Display Mark Food Ready Maintain Order History +6 More

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Last Updated on : 01 Mar, 2021