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Busy Accounting Software

Busy Accounting Software

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What is Busy Accounting Software? Busy software is an easy to use, scalable business accounting software for micro, small and mid-sized businesses. Busy software helps with financial accounting and assists in recording and analysing accounting transactions. Busy accounting solution is across different industries and business verticals, such as, manufacturing, retail, FMCG, etc. Busy accounting software includes GST features, such as, GSTR 2A, E-Way bill and E-Invoicing. Main functionalities of Busy software include inventory management, production management, purchase/sales quotations, invoice/billing management, MIS reports & analysis, and so on. Besides being VAT/ GST compliant, it simplifies tasks like GST billing and returns filing and eliminates the need for manual data entry. Major Features of Busywin Accounting Software Financial Accounting functionality: Helps perform accounting tasks related to vouchers, ledgers, balance sheet, and more. Support for multiple currencies. Advanced Inventory Management: You can manage several warehouses and locations simultaneously with Busy accounting software. It helps manage serial number, batch number (with expiry), parameters like color, size, style, and more. Customizable invoicing: Professional invoices can be made as per your business needs. You can categorize prices based on customer, item, and date. Comprehensive VAT/ GST module: In-built features like GSTIN validation, e-way bill generation, JSON format for GST returns, and others to speed up GST billing and return filing. Operations Management: Options to manage all business operations like quotations, orders, invoicing, payroll, among others. Mobile app: Access data from anywhere using app and make decisions on the go with Busy accounting software for Android mobile and iPhone. Who can Use Busy accounting software Busy accounting software serves the need of different business types and sizes: Those who have just started their business and do not have many operational requirements. Shopkeepers and small businesses can benefit from elementary features like invoicing, basic inventory, accounting, and statutory reports. Suitable for medium level businesses who want to improve productivity. Along with basic features, it also has business management features like item barcode/ POS billing, order/ quotation/ challan management, direct SMS/ email facility, and more. Also suitable for big companies that require thousands of employees to work together from several locations. It includes enterprise features like enquiry/ support management, multi-branch/ location management, payroll management, voucher approval system, and so on. How to Use Busy Accounting software Step 1: After busy accounting software installation, double click on busy icon on your PC/Laptop. Step 2: Under Company menu on the top, select Create Company. Step 3: Enter all the details asked. Click on Save button. Step 4: Next, you will be asked to enter your SuperUser Name and password. Click on Save button. Step 5: Now, you can customize all the sections based on your requirements. For mobile usage, you must have either a Standard or enterprise edition of Busy accounting software. Busy Software Invoice Format To make proforma invoice in busy accounting software, you need to follow these steps: Step 1 - First you click open proforma invoice in busy accounting software. Step 2 - Then go to Company > Administration > Configuration > Feature/Options > Press Enter > Go to Inventory > Click enable sales quotation > Select on Auto-create adjustment quotation > Click OK and Save. Step 3 - Then go to Transaction> Sales Quotation > Click Add > It will take you to proforma page format > Now select date > Choose sales type for GST invoicing > Fill details > Confirm > Click Escape > Go to transaction > Click on List > Select date > select entry > Press Enter to auto-generate a software. Busy Accounting Software Price The price of Busy accounting software starts from INR 6300/-. For more information, you can get in touch with our product experts.    Check out the best free alternative of busy tally erp 9 gst free download Busy software is an easy to use, scalable business accounting software for micro, small and mid-sized businesses. Busy... Read More About Busy Accounting Software
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