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Perk Payroll

Perk Payroll

From Payroll Management Software

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₹1,495.00/30 Users
What is Perk Payroll? Perk Payroll is a cloud-based solution, aiming to streamline payroll management for enterprises. It systematizes attendance and synchronizes payroll and compliances, facilitating on-time accurate salary calculations. Organizations get to maintain a comprehensive record of past and present resources along with other business relevant data such as hierarchy levels, salary structures and more. The system allows enterprises to manage attendance data through registers, RFID recorders, biometric and door access control. Perk Payroll’s leave management module, enables automation of leave approval systems based on multiple parameters such as organizational policies, leave balance, leave type, etc. The 24x7 self-service portal of the software helps employees to carry out a multitude of tasks, that include employees’ record access, request generation, approval checks, participation in polls, accessing internal updates, and so on. The software is in complete compliance with multiple deductions and contributions related to PF, ESI, IT, etc as per the state and central regulations. Perk Payroll can be used to monitor multiple workflows of companies with single or multiple branches, and manage employee-related revisions, loans, and reimbursements. Additionally, with this best hr software in India, HRs can link employees with company assets like vehicles, computers, and other devices facilitating the quick recovery of individual assets, avoiding costly replacements. How does Perk Payroll Management Solution ensure complete organizational management? Ensures Accuracy and Transparency: Perk Payroll monitoring solution automates the entire salary processing structure, ensuring better time management, accuracy and transparency. Thus management gets to deal with specific issues on-time in a dignified and precise manner. Reports: The detailed reports offered by the software offers relevant insights into the payroll structures, employees’ performance and other business metrics, facilitating on-time and better business decisions. Shift Management: The online payroll software ensures efficient monitoring of employee shifts eliminating inconvenience, facilitating better collaboration among multiple members within a particular team. Pricing of Perk Payroll Perk Payroll charges Rs.1495 for 30 employees on a monthly basis. If you want to know more about the particular product, send us a callback request. Our technical experts will get back to you within one or two business days. Benefits of Perk Payroll Automation: Enterprises can automate regular payroll-related tasks with Perk Payroll Management Software, allowing their HR team to focus on other critical business-related tasks and issues. Optimized Sources: The payroll monitoring solution can be used to enable online workflows. Organizations get to save on their printing costs, loads and labor by processing the payrolls of individual employees in an accurate and automated manner. Statutory Compliance: With Perk Payroll Management Solution enterprises get to stay in compliance with the statutory guidelines set by the regulatory authorities, ensuring seamless processing of pay heads and related bonuses. Perk Payroll is a cloud-based solution, aiming to streamline payroll management for enterprises. It systematizes attend... Read More About Perk Payroll
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Last Updated on : 21 Jun, 2021