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Axis Rooms Hotel Channel Manager
What is Axis Rooms Hotel Channel Manager? The hotel channel manager is a different platform for hotels inventory management and pricing in tandem with online travel websites. It integrates with an extensive web of travel partners and handles all your listings with ease. Axis Rooms Hotel Channel Manager is currently working with the following travelling partners like Agoda, AsiaRooms.com, Booking.com, Expedia, Goibibo, Hotels4U, HRS, MakeMyTrip.com, TravelGuru, Cleartrip, wotif.com, among many others. The channel manager works for hotels of all sizes, and it can maximize their online exposure. This inventory management software helps hotel chains improve their revenue generation and productivity with the interacting interface. The software is developed to improve your hotel’s visibility and increase your business seamlessly. It is being used by the best hotels in the business who have improved their business and visibility with the help of Axis Rooms Hotel Channel Manager. Some popular names are Oyo rooms, Ramada, Fabhotels.com, Treebo. Features of Axis Rooms Hotel Channel Manager Axis rooms hotel channel manager provides features that help your hotel grow. Here are a few listed below: Intuitive Dashboard: Hotel channel manager gives you a dashboard that generates a simplified view of your complete inventory. It works smartly and avoids errors like double booking. It automatically updates the prices and synchronizes with connected online travelling agents. Booking Management: It views all your bookings together. You can confirm, cancel, and see all your bookings from different online traveling agencies in one place. Log Management: The hotel channel manager maintains a log of every change made by you. It helps you with auditing later. Analyze: The axis rooms platform lets you run analytical reports to monitor every component of your business. This includes e-bookings, guests, inventories, et cetera. It allows you to know the – what, where, and when of all your bookings. Hotel channel manager helps you to understand the trends and optimize selling channels. Axis Rooms Hotel Channel Manager Pricing The price of the hotel channel manager depends on numerous factors such as the size of the operation, hotel chains, et cetera. Please request a call for more information regarding prices, and our team will get back to you at the earliest. The hotel channel manager is a different platform for hotels inventory management and pricing in tandem with online tr... Read More
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Last Updated on : 12 Apr, 2021