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What is Ardour? Ardour is a digital audio workstation that allows an individual to record, mix and edit audios. Besides the main purpose of recording and mixing, this audio editing software also allows Audio and MIDI editing and multi-track recording. You can go to any bit depth and sample rate of your audio for analysis. Ardour supports multiple audio formats. The latest version is Ardour 5.12. It comes with plugins that allow you to perform full sample automation of your audio as well as powerful signal routing. One can transport sync and use OSC to perform any operation in Ardour. How is Ardour helpful for music professionals? This Audio Mixing software is particularly helpful for audio engineers, musicians, soundtrack editors, and music composers. Audio engineers who need total control over their tools or need to spend a considerable period of time working on a particular music session can use this software. It allows them to master audio, edit and record as they wish. Ardour encourages the creative process of a musician playing a well-built instrument instead of focusing on pop music idioms, thereby, enabling talented performers to record their pieces easily. Composers can arrange MIDI and audio by using the same workflow and tools, and for sound sources, they can opt for external hardware synthesizers. Users can create and edit soundtracks for film projects through the shared transport control, using video playback and sample-accurate sync tools of the software. Unique things you can do with Ardour? Besides the usual recording, editing and mixing functions, the software also lets you do the following things: Plugins with Full Sample Automation: The software supports many audio formats such as LV2, AudioUnit, LADSPA and LinuxVST formats and FX plugins. You can automate any parameters of the software or physically manipulate them through control surfaces. Audio and MIDI Multi-track Editing and Recording: You can record any number of tracks and perform non-linear recording. The software lets you go to any sample rate or bit depth of your audio for analysis. Ardour supports multiple file formats as well. Powerful Signal Routing: Complex signal flows look simple and elegant where inputs and outputs connect to your hardware. The software not just provides that but also allows you to use inserts, sends and returns freely. External Control Surfaces and Transport Sync: The software provides one of the best syncs with LTC and MIDI timecode. Users are able to both receive and send MIDI Machine Control. You can also use JACK transport as per your convenience. The software comes with a dedicated Mackie Control protocol and pre-defined mapping for MIDI Controllers and MIDI Learn. Video Timeline: Users are able to import a single video and even slice out the soundtrack from it and display a thumbnail timeline of your video. You can lock or move audio regions to the video with granularity. Thereafter, you can perform any operation such as cut end/start, add blank frames or mix it with the current session soundtrack as per your requirement. Pricing of Ardour The pricing of Ardour varies as per the unique and special requirements of its users. You can request a callback and our customer care team will support you throughout. We will provide you with the activation and license key to activate the software. In case you want a renewal of your current plan, you can reach out to us. What does the Latest Version of Ardour have in store for you? The basic functions of the latest version of Ardour, that’s 5.12, remain the same. However, along with that, some of the new features include: Improvements in the function of new sessions. New track and bus dialogues that allow easy and powerful ways of using templates. Ability to make dynamic templates with Lua scripts. Patch selection dialogue that helps in MIDI instruments, provides an easy way for previewing patches. Expose Lua bindings for VCA creation, deletion and assignment. The generic GUI for instrument plugins in Ardour comes integrated with a keyboard for auditioning plugin settings. Display playback-only devices whilst using JACK. Faderport 8 that resets gain to 0 dB upon double-clicking the select button. How to Rate Ardour’s Compatibility? Ardour runs on Windows, Mac as well as Linux OS. Ardour is a digital audio workstation that allows an individual to record, mix and edit audios. Besides the main purpos... Read More About Ardour
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Last Updated on : 16 Jun, 2021