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What is AmiBroker? AmiBroker is a technical analysis software that allows users to discover and validate data and trade. You can use the software’s exploration tool that is fast and powerful to scan the market for opportunities and stay ahead of the crowd. The software comes with inbuilt powerful and easy-to-use charts, which help drag and drop averages, modify parameters in real-time using sliders and customize using different styles and gradients to make them look beautiful. The software allows one to perform backtesting and optimization along with advanced position sizing, scoring and ranking, multi-currency support and custom metrics. AmiBroker automates your routine by using a batch processor and you can run it from Windows scheduler with ease. How can the software help in delivering all the information at fingertip? AmiBroker contains a flexible user interface that you can use as you want. Symbols Window categorizes symbols into different markets, groups and sectors. Ultra-quick full-text search makes finding symbols easy. Hundreds of indicators such as MACD, RSI are inbuilt in the software along with all standard chart and drawing tools. With the analysis window, you can perform several operations such as backtesting, Monte Carlo simulation, cross-correlation, etc. Interpretation window allows one to use pre-written interpretations or create their own. Users can rotate, animate and watch 3D optimization charts from any angle and adjust the water level to accurately determine the peak and valley in a graphical representation. The software allows any chart to be displayed as a gradient chart to make it look attractive. It allows one to quickly recognize any parameter from a market profile along with the highest traded volume. Information window of the software provides access to fundamental and valuations data instantaneously. You can also convert the fundamental data in your market formulas. What are some of the powerful tools used by the system radar and how do they help? The Analysis Window helps with scans, explorations, backtests and optimization. Users can screen markets for opportunities using exploration tools present in the software. The tools produce a programmable tabular output with an unlimited number of rows and columns from all symbols and data. The Backtest allows one to test the system performance based on historical data. The simulation is performed in real-time with multi-securities traded in real-time and each one of them having user-defined position sizing rule. AmiBroker tries out thousands of combinations to arrive at the best-performing ones and users can try smart artificial intelligence optimization to explore a number of options in a short time. Monte Carlo Simulation helps one to check the worst-case scenarios and the probability of ruining any market share. One needs to take insights into the trading system’s statistical properties for performing the simulation. AmiBroker Pricing There are 3 pricing plans available for AmiBroker. They are: Standard Edition: This plan costs Rs. 19809/-. Professional Edition: The plan comes for Rs. 24069/-. Ultimate Pack Pro: This plan’s value is Rs. 35429/-. How can users express their trading ideas using AmiBroker? The Amibroker software has a fast and concise formula language that lets one express their trading ideas. A built-in debugger allows one to single-step through the code and watch the variables in run time to have a better understanding of the functionality of the formula. The state-of-the-art code editor is equipped with syntax highlighting, code folding, and in-line error reporting. Fast array and matrix processing make your formulas run at the same time as the code is written in assembler. The trading systems and indicators written in AmiBroker Formula Language (AFL) takes less typing and space because many tasks in AFL are just single-line codes. Additionally, one may create their own snippets or use the inbuilt code snippets to create their own snippets. AFL supports multi-threading which means each chart formula, graphic renderer run on separate threads. AmiBroker is a technical analysis software that allows users to discover and validate data and trade. You can use the s... Read More About AmiBroker
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Last Updated on : 12 May, 2021