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3Dvista Virtual Tour Suite
What is 3D Vista Virtual Tour Suite? 3D Vista Virtual Tour Suite is an all in one virtual tour software, enabling users to create interactive 360-degree virtual tours in a straightforward and pleasant manner. They can add in sounds and photos, create 360-degree videos and floor plans as per their convenience. Moreover, 3D Vista Virtual Tour Suite helps its users in telling real stories by offering them multifunctional hotspots and clickable objects that can be discovered by their audience while they walk through the tour. The 360-degree virtual tour software also offers new 3D transition effects and multiple other features like Live Panorama, Adaptive HDR and Animated Panorama. The tours designed through the 3D Vista Virtual Tour Suite can be viewed from any computer, tablet or mobile phone on both Android and iOS platforms. What are live guided tours within 3D Vista Virtual Tour Site - 360 Tour Software? The live guided tour is a new aged communicative solution that enables you to take your clients, students or colleagues on a virtual walk-through. This virtual tour software is a whole new concept of communicating with your clients, where you facilitate a video call to organize a virtual tour. As a host, you can take your guests on a virtual tour by showing their screen on your screen or vice versa with prior permission. The guests can either look around on their own or follow your screen and the personalized sales presentation given by you. The live guided tours can be accessed from both desktops and mobile phones. Pricing of 3D Vista Virtual Tour Software The pricing of 3D Vista Virtual Tour Suite can be customized as per the requirements of interested buyers. You can always request for a callback, our experts will get back to you with a negotiable quote. Compatible Platforms for 3D Vista Virtual Tour Suite 3D Vista Virtual Tour Suite is compatible with the following platforms: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 versions Mac OS X, version 10.11 and above iOS, version 10.0, and above Android version 5.0 and above Benefits of 3D Vista 360 Degree Virtual Tour Software 3D CAD Panoramas Supported - 3D Vista Virtual Tour Suite enables its users to use V-Ray, Sketchup and 3DS Max created render and CAD panoramas for generating stunning 360-degree virtual tours of projects within the pipeline. They can also add stereo effects to make virtual tours more detailed, impressive and realistic. Adaptive HDR Panorama - By using 3D Vista Virtual Tour Suite, users get access to an adaptive HDR technology that has been designed by imitating the human eye. The technology focuses on the area of view and adjusts the optimum exposure related to that area in an efficient manner. Preset Skins and Individual Style Elements - Skins are the frames of the virtual tour including elements like text boxes, buttons, stickers and more. By using 3D Vista Virtual Tour Suite, users can either choose preset skins or create their own designs from the library consisting of 300 plus elements with ease. Once the designs are fully created, they can save individual components, entire skins or masks within their personal library for future use. Export as offline and online tours - Users can produce their own virtual tour in multiple formats and also publish their tours online on their website and can even share it with their audience through links. They may also export the tour with a standalone player to make their tour run locally and offline. 3D Vista Virtual Tour Suite is an all in one virtual tour software, enabling users to create interactive 360-degree vir... Read More About 3Dvista Virtual Tour Suite
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Last Updated on : 12 May, 2021